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Offering the most comprehensive repertoire of music performed by the finest talent available, the BERACH Orchestra differentiates itself in its remarkable ability to provide a consistently professional performance regardless of the style of music requested. Each ensemble is configured based on your specific needs to ensure a perfect fit every time. Unlike many bands, there are no second or third-tier ensembles associated with the BERACH Orchestra. Our reputation for consistently exceeding our client's high expectations has earned us a reputation as Boston's best option for tasteful and exciting musical entertainment.

The best of both worlds...

Specializing in events requiring a blend of styles and genres, the BERACH Orchestra defines itself through our uniquely customized approach, dynamic repertoire, exceptional versatility and uncompromising quality. We are particularly adept at integrating authentic traditional and contemporary Jewish music with a full range of American popular music. Our repertoire spans virtually every era and we are constantly adding songs to our repertoire so new requests are welcome.

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The BERACH Orchestra is located in Newton, Massachusetts, just outside Boston. While we primarily serve the New England region, we recognize that there is a national demand for exceptional musical entertainment and we regularly travel throughout the country for community concerts, weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and other special events. Should you have an event out of the New England area, please feel free to inquire about your specific date and location. We will do whatever we can to assist you. Feel free to download our Celebration Guide which should help you navigate the planning and implementation processes.

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The BERACH Orchestra offers ensembles of all sizes (typically between 5 and 12-pieces per ensemble) and is comprised of over thirty seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds and skills. Our uniquely customized approach ensures that guests experience the ideal combination of talent and experience, ample flexibility and the highest level of professionalism at each event.

The Best of the Best...

Members of the BERACH Orchestra have been selected among hundreds of local talent and many have national and international performance experience, numerous recording credits and extensive experience performing an incredibly diverse range of music. Some serve as faculty at leading conservatories and all are proud to associate with our orchestra and its newly established educational affiliate, NextStep-Arts.

Ensembles are configured to meet your specific needs based on a number of variables. Our objective is to carefully listen to what it is you are planning, offer some possible approaches to achieve your ideal result, and then carefully prepare and configure our services accordingly. The planning is only part of the process. Another differentiating factor about our services is that the person with whom you are discussing your plans is very likely going to be at your event implementing these very same plans so the chance for confusion and mistakes are minimized. Your enthusiastic satisfaction and trust are our utmost concern and our ultimate goal. We are immensely grateful to our clients for the opportunity to share in their wonderful celebrations.

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Some of our Featured Performers


Our founder, lead vocalist and band leader, Behzad Dayanim, brings nearly two decades of national and international performance experience along with several album credits. A graduate of Manhattan School of Music, Behzad represents the best in New York talent, conveniently based in Boston. His proficiency in numerous styles of Jewish and American music is extraordinary and his dedication and commitment to providing unparalleled personalized service defines our philosophy and consistently leaves clients and their guests smiling. Learn more about the orchestra and how it came to be by clicking here.

In addition to his musical and artistic pursuits, Behzad has been extensively involved in educational and communal work and recently established an innovative creative services & educational organization called, NextStep-Arts to empower individuals and organizations to think and behave more creatively. Private personalized training and group lessons as well as seminars for organizations are available. Designed to cultivate creativity and to promote artistic growth in children and adults, this unique organization follows the model of the BERACH Orchestra and addresses each need independently and in a highly personalized manner. Find out more about this unique offering -



Steve epitomizes much of what our orchestra is all about. Exceedingly versatile, Steve has mastered the wind family and serves as a key player and manager for our ensembles. In any given performance Steve can be found switching among alto, tenor and soprano saxophones, clarinet and flute without missing a beat and he adds a genuine warmth to our bandstand. Never flamboyant, Steve's command of musical genres is remarkable and his solos always tasteful. Steve truly understands how important these events are to our clients and has become a core asset to our organization. The consummate teacher and problem solver, Steve excels at solving technical and logistical challenges and is a primary contributor to our success and to our newest educational endeavor, NextStep-Arts.



An exceptional guitarist and featured vocalist, Thaddeus adds electricity to our ensemble that must be experienced to be fully appreciated. Equally comfortable with the swing/Jazz idiom as he is with Funk, R&B, Motown and Reggae, Thaddeus complements our ensemble with his remarkable range and repertoire.

In addition to his guitar magic, Thaddeus has been known to dazzle audiences as a harmonica soloist. He is also a member of the faculty at a leading conservatory, and a featured artist for the Bose Corporation.




Jeff is the musician's musician and redefines the trombone as an essential part of any ensemble. As a remarkably gifted instrumentalist and educator, Jeff has performed extensively with the BERACH Orchestra and has become one of our most highly requested members for his incredible energy and musical prowess. Also a conservatory faculty member, Jeff devotes significant time to educational pursuits. He epitomizes our efforts to provide stellar performances & customer service.



One of our top trumpeters, Scott has been featured with the BERACH Orchestra for nearly a decade. He continues to astound audiences with his trumpet and flugelhorn virtuousity as well as his vocal stylings. One of the most sought after trumpeters in the area, Scott is a key member of our orchestra. Equally at home on vocals or his horn, Scott's contributions are invaluable and his proficiency and personality inspire those around him to new performance heights.




Exceptional ears and a magical voice are two key attributes Tim brings to our performance. A gifted guitarist and ridiculously talented vocalist, Tim performs songs with uncanny vocal accuracy and versatility. Tim has a number of album credits and has been a featured artist with our orchestra for over four years.



We also regularly incorporate string ensembles, female vocalists and other instrumentalists. Please feel free to contact us to discuss which configuration would best suit your needs.

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The BERACH Orchestra customizes each performance to our client's specific needs and is proud to offer a comprehensive range of music including songs spanning the globe, including:

• Exciting contemporary and traditional Jewish music
• Authentic Israeli songs (Shirei and Rikudei Am & contemporary Israeli popular music)
• Elegant Classical music (string ensembles are available to complement our core ensemble)
• Hot Swing & Smooth Jazz (big band sound from an incredibly efficient configuration)
• Soulful Motown and Hip R&B
• Fantastic Rock n’ Roll
• Stellar Show Tunes
• Popular Contemporary Hits

Requests are welcome! Our goal is to provide the perfect combination of music to underscore the event at hand. Our exceptional team enjoys the challenge of learning something new and we always come prepared for last minute changes and welcome unusual and original requests, even in foreign languages (advance notice is generally recommended). We suggest that any very important requests (eg. First Dance, Parent-Child Dance or Last Dance) be communicated at least three weeks in advance to ensure adequate time to develop an appropriate arrangement.

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Products & Services

The BERACH Orchestra offers a whole host of services to enhance your event! Most services are complementary for our clients although there are some more extensive services that may involve separate expenses. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our services or if we can assist you in any other way.

Event Planning - We have a wealth of experience planning and facilitating all sorts of events and would be happy to assist you with yours.

Full Master of Ceremonies service is always included should you need it

Facilitation & coordination of actual event- We work closely with your planner, caterer, photo/videographer, facility manager, etc. to ensure seamless transitions and keep your event running smoothly.

Advice on other aspects of your event - Need referrals for other services? We have worked with some of the best in the business and would be happy to offer suggestions based on your needs.

Unusual Policies & Services- Ah, differentiation! Here are some useful things that we offer that you won't typically find elsewhere...

Everyone has different needs and we offer a range of interesting options for the traditional and less conventional client alike. Some services may require additional fees.

No Dead-Air Time- An ensemble will be ready to perform at all times to ensure seamless integration of toasts and speeches amid the courses and dance sets. Book a four-hour event and you potentially have five hours of musical entertainment! For more information, please see our FAQ section.

Special Requests- We welcome any and all requests and take pride in our ability to perform whatever kinds of music are needed. Certain requests may require advance notice to guarantee accurate representation.

“Ego-less” Performance- Our primary objective is to provide the most professional, client-specific musical entertainment possible. Your event success is our goal. Despite our unusually high caliber musicianship, we are not performing for applause and our focus is entirely to provide the most appropriate and enjoyable entertainment possible for you and your guests.

Louder is Not Better- Who decided that every event needs a concert hall sound system?! You value your hearing and so do we. Unlike many bands, we disagree with the motto, “louder is better”. We generate tremendous energy more through superior musicianship and chemistry than through high volume levels. (Yes, there will be a wonderful energy on the dance floor… no, you will not leave the event will your ears ringing because the music was too loud!).

DJ Services integration- We can provide a professional sound system and DJ services by request. Music can be easily integrated into our live music sets or specifically separated.

Dance Facilitation services - We can offer the services of highly skilled dancers to enhance your event.

Multicultural music integration - Beyond our typical instrumental and vocal additions, we offer a wide range of cultural music services to enhance your event. Want a mariachi band or a Salsa/meringue expert to liven things up? How about a performance of an Italian aria? We often incorporate these and other acclaimed resources for special events throughout the area.

Composition services- We can help you create an original song to help memorialize a special event or help produce and record a personalized version of your special song.

Video/Slideshow creation- We also offer professional assistance creating DVD presentations for your event, complete with audio and narration if needed.

Games- We can incorporate a wide range of games for children and adults. Prizes are available by request.

Personal Logo (Dugma)and Ketubah Design- We are proudly associated with NextStep-Arts, personalized educational and creative services. Here you can work one-on-one with a professional designer to realize your vision. Another highly recommended source for original wedding document (Ketubah) designs is Ketubahs by Shoshana.

Concerts- Special Event performances are also available. We create an ideal set list to complement your community or organization’s specific objectives. We have performed for audiences throughout the United States, Canada, South Africa and Australia. Indoor and outdoor venues are welcome.

Charitable organizations and causes - We are committed to helping educational and social services organizations and individual families for whom the cost of including live music might be prohibitive. Should you represent such an organization or know of a family in need of our services, please contact us to determine if we are available to assist in some way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see an answer to your question in this section, feel free to send us a note and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why choose the BERACH Orchestra?

Uncompromising Quality- We offer seasoned professional musicians who work regularly with each other. Each event is different but the caliber of the performance and the core group remain intact throughout. You are guaranteed to have our top players every time because each of our players is a top player. Similarly, the person with whom you negotiated the terms of the performance is going to be the person managing the musical entertainment for your actual event. Miscommunication is minimized = less aggravation for you and more enjoyment for everyone.

Exceptional Versatility- Merging a top secular band with a top Jewish music presence into one seamless ensemble, we are able to offer authentic renditions of practically any request. We are not your “Hava Nagila” secular band nor are we your typical Jewish band trying to pull off R&B. We are a serious, enthusiastic and consistent ensemble of terrific musicians who love what we do and working with each other to enhance every event.

Unrivaled Service- Your event is much more than simply a performance. It is a unique experience and we treat it as such. You may not see it on our faces as we smile through an exciting dance set but we take each event very seriously and work tirelessly to bring your vision of the ideal to life. We invite you to share your thoughts and ideas, likes and dislikes as we formulate the perfect combination of music and atmosphere to complement your special event.

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Does the orchestra travel out of the Boston area?

Absolutely. We have performed in several states and welcome the opportunity to perform for new communities. Expenses would be added to our normal fees based on the location and the overall time frame of the event, inclusive of travel.

Sounds great but... how much is the orchestra going to cost anyway?

Short answer, it depends. No, this is not a way of evading the question but each event is different and requires different configurations and combinations of services. We invite you to contact us to set up a conversation, or better yet a meeting, to discuss your needs and how we might best address those needs. Your BERACH representative will gladly formulate a few estimates for your consideration based on your conversation.

What is the next step toward ensuring we retain the orchestra for our upcoming event?

Making contact in a timely fashion is key. Popular dates tend to book well in advance and even somewhat more obscure dates can book rather quickly. Most events tend to book between five and twenty months before the scheduled event.

Do you require a deposit to reserve the date?

A deposit is required to officially reserve your date. This is generally between 10-20% of your projected total investment. As the date approaches and after subsequent conversations have refined the plans for your event, an additional deposit is requested. Final balance is expected by the date of the actual event.

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Can we see the band perform live anywhere?

Out of respect for our clients' privacy, we do not post our events on our website. Any concerts or other public performances will be posted. Specific private events require permission from the client for access. We do have ample footage of our live performances that we can share during a meeting; however, this footage belongs to our clients and was given to us with the understanding that it will not be distributed.

Can we meet with someone in person?

Certainly. It is highly recommended that you meet with someone prior to making your decision. Even if you have experienced our services beforehand, it is helpful to actually sit down and discuss your event so that we may glean a more accurate sense of what your ideal event would entail and make the most appropriate recommendations for you. This would also give you a chance to better acquaint yourself to some of the many details that distinguish our organization, not the least of which involves our superior customer service.

Why don't I see a list of songs on your site?

Each client and every event is different and our repertoire changes accordingly. Yes, there are certain songs that tend to find their way into our sets on a more regular basis; however, part of what makes what we do so special is our ability to customize our services to each client's needs. We have found that if we encourage clients to explore their favorite music without the limitations of a set list, they become more creative and enjoy the selection process more for they actually create the tone they hope to set.

How did this all begin?

Our founder and featured performer, Behzad Dayanim, has been performing in bands since high school. A classically trained pianist he was always very dependent on his ear and improvisation became second nature. Prior to transferring to a conservatory, Behzad attended YU, became heavily involved in outreach work and found fulfillment in performing for teens and communities throughout the country. This quickly led to performances in Canada, Australia and South Africa for audiences of hundreds. Pursued by several top New York orchestras, Behzad opted to continue independently and upon graduating from Manhattan School of Music, he married and moved to the Boston area.

After investigating options for his wedding in the Boston area with disappointing results, he ended up hand-picking his band leader and players from a top New York orchestra. Ironically, the day of his wedding, the drummer did not show up! Fortunately, a friend of the family managed to secure a local drummer to fill in for the reception. Most people did not notice... Behzad certainly did!

It became evident that there was a niche to be filled and after six years of weeding through some very skilled players to find the best combination of talent and personalities to complement his own, Behzad formally launched the BERACH Orchestra. Reliability, professionalism, versatility and customer service became the pillars of the organization and it has flourished purely based on referrals and direct experience. Established with some of the most innovative policies and customization options, the orchestra has grown each year since its inception and continues to impress audiences throughout the New England area and beyond. Defining itself as a completely customized solution, the BERACH Orchestra has become renowned as the Boston's best option for any celebrations, concerts or banquets for its uncanny ability to reinvent itself based on the specific needs of each client. The band performs songs in several languages and offers the most comprehensive assortment of services available anywhere. It's most recent expansion includes an education-based organization called NextStep-Arts which offers a unique approach to traditional lessons and offers extensive creative services.

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Can we speak to any current or former clients?

We have an extensive list of client references (virtually every client for whom we have ever performed), vendor references and facility recommendations. We would be happy to share some of these clients with you. A meeting would be preferable prior to offering these references so that we can better asses your needs and match you up with clients who may have had similar needs to yours. This would give you a better sense of what to expect.

I wrote my own song but need some help performing it... can you handle this sort of thing?

Absolutely. Several of our members have composition, arranging and recording experience and we would be happy to assist you with your performance. In fact, should you wish to record the song as a gift, we can assist with that process as well.

What about popular hits that are just released on the radio?

Given reasonable notice (we ask for at least two weeks) virtually any song can be arranged for live performance. Should you wish to have the song performed by the original artist, or should the request occur too close to the event, we can incorporate CD or MP3 tracks to accommodate those situations. Your may opt to include as much or as little prerecorded music as you wish.

What does it mean that we get "five hours of music when booking a four-hour event"?

How do we do it? Unlike most bands, we offer continuous music throughout your event. Unlike the typical 15 minute break every hour, we stagger our breaks to make sure there is always someone playing unless a presentation or toast is happening. Essentially you get an extra 15 minutes of potential music from each hour. In four hours you get an additional hour of music that would normally be a break time.

How can I get a demo CD of the orchestra and/or view some live footage?

You can request a demo CD sampler via email, view some of the movie clips on our site, or simply schedule a meeting, view longer and higher quality video and pick up a copy of our audio CD at that time.

Are there any special rates for schools or non-profit organizations?

We often provide our services at significant discounts for non-profit organizations and educational institutions. Please feel free to inquire about your specific event.


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