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Founded by celebrated educator, musician and visual artist, Behzad Dayanim, our Mission is to serve as a conduit for personal and organizational growth through the creative arts. Our team of creative professionals is comprised of some of the area's best musicians and artists who have demonstrated an exceptional level of professionalism in their respective disciplines, a talent for teaching and interacting with diverse populations, and a commitment to use these skills to help others.

We also offer direct services associated with our educational offerings. These include: illustration & design, music composition & sound design, and music performance via the BERACH Orchestra - renowned as one of Boston's most professional and versatile musical ensembles. Many of the educators associated with NextStep-Arts are also associated with the BERACH Orchestra.

We look forward to working with you to expand your creativity and develop Your Creative Outlet!

Feel free to contact us should you have any specific questions regarding our services or to set up an initial meeting to discuss how we can best assist you.



NextStep-Arts is proud to offer in-home and studio lessons tailored to your specific objectives and learning styles. Unique personal training in a wide range of instruments (piano, woodwinds, brass, percussion, strings), music composition, vocal performance, and recording. FREE introductory session!

Sample Offerings:
• Experienced, caring teachers
• Digital recordings of lessons available
• Exclusive Practice Coaches
• “Jam-with-the-Band” sessions
• Professionally record your music
• Ear training & improvisation

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NextStep-Arts is proud to offer in-home/office and studio lessons tailored to your individual or organizational needs. Unique personal training in a wide range of visual arts disciplines, including: illustration, sculpture, watercolor and acrylic painting, logo design, lettering & calligraphy, and more.
A la carte sessions available in Project Design, Effective Presentations and Creative Thinking & Teamwork.

Sample Offerings:
• Experienced, caring & motivating teachers
• Corporate & Educational coaching
• Computer graphics & animation
• “Creative Challenge” sessions
• Portfolio development
• Creativity Workshops

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"Sometimes you cannot do it all yourself... "

NextStep-Arts proudly offers direct creative services to individuals and organizations. Our professional staff are available for creative consultation, marketing & branding, illustration & design, music composition & recording. Please contact us for more information.


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